What Maupy will bring to the table

10 reasons why Maupy are the international consultants of choice for events, strategy and talent.

Experienced Experts

We are unique in our field. Maupy Worldwide thrives on creating exceptional client experiences across the board. Our specialized teams in each division come from creating rich brand experiences from both agencies and industry.

360º Projects

From entertainment to sports to philanthropy to strategy management for leading companies – we work across all areas.


A team that is energetically benchmark focused using the latest growth strategies and technologies to make every move a compelling milestone for your brand. Our service integrations, using cross functional scenarios throughout our divisions, ensure that every project is designed from a global perspective provided by diverse professionals.

Did we mention between the whole team we speak eight different languages? Are language skills will help your Company be guided through new markets where language is possibly a barrier.


We do events like no others. Having worked with all the top venues and hotels worldwide, Maupy Worldwide guarantees results across the board – price, quality and service.

We have a number of suppliers that want their products attached to our events.

No Culture Barriers

We know the markets better than anybody because we are a global team. What works in London, may not work in Madrid or in LA but we have the solution ready for you.

Celebrity Involvement

With access to celebrities, sports figures and professional keynote speakers, Maupy Worldwide has built an impeccable reputation in the industry. Having worked with some of the most important A-Listers, worldwide influencers, athletes and top companies, Maupy is a great choice for companies to connect their dots worldwide.


For a company to differentiate itself it a new market, philanthropy is key to its success. Maupy are the minds behind the famous Global Gift platform and can quickly position your Company worldwide as a Company that gives back to its community and a Company that gives high values on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Qualified Noise Makers

If you want your brand to be heard around the world, Maupy Worldwide are the consultants you need to do that as we have local PR teams in all our operational countries that will offer you support. We can publish anything you want, to anyone you want, in any language you want. We will look after what key message has to go to what market. We can also look after all your Social Media using geo-targeting to attract new interest.


If you want your Company to be known in Europe and the US, Maupy can help you achieve this. Maupy will help position your brand as “The new place to be”, promoting not only Cocofest and the Cocobay project but the importance of Empire Group and its leadership team. Each individual will be positioned as a key influencer.

Maupy Worldwide

Maupy Worldwide is owned by the innovative, visionary and philanthropreneur Maria Bravo.

Tapping into the many different business sectors Maria has worked in, Maupy unifies all Maria’s ventures in one place.

Maria has personal relationships with a large group of international talent, hundress of business owners and some of the world’s most important influencers – making Maupys ability to leverage projects greater than any of our competitors.


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