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Maria Bravo

Maria Bravo


Maria is a connector, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, constantly creating innovative ideas and strategies ways to link them to companies, brands and talent.
She has over 25 years of experience in different business sectors and high network connections worldwide that allows her to bring together top clients with the highest talent and providers in the market.

She splits her time between Marbella and LA, where she has built deep and personal connections with top Hollywood artist and industry peers.

Maria is driven by the potential she sees on every client she works with.
Always enjoying the process and the results of designing an impactful campaign with her multifaceted team. Proving how building the right communication and marketing plan can expand the reach and maximize the opportunities of any brand, company or event.

Behind her business mindset, her deepest motivation is her believe of the importance of giving back to our communities and inspires everyone who surrounds her by kindness, compassion.

Maria, in her need to give back, created the Global Gift Foundation and the international Global Gift Galas through which she raises funds for charity projects.

Talent Agency & Designers of worldwide live events & virtual experiences.


Ana Tormo

Ana Tormo

International Relations Director

Ana Tormo

Carmen Bravo

Director of Communication

Ana Tormo

Mónica Ceballos

Foundation Project Co-ordinator

Belen Barranquero

Belén Barranquero

Administration Department

Joanna Dumbar

Joanna Dunbar

Production & Talent Management

Patricio Moreno

Patricio Moreno

Public Relations

Toni Cuenca

Toni Cuenca

Graphic Design


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